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The 8th Annual
Palmetto State Brewers Open Results
December 2, 2006

432 Entries

Best-of-Show Beer

Best  Carl Foster PSB 14C Imperial IPA
2nd Best James Bond MALT 19C American Barleywine
3rd Best Joel Masters PSB 23A Imperial California Common


Best-of-Show Mead and Cider

Best  Kevin Martin CBM 27B English Cider
2nd Best Kevin Martin CBM 24B Traditional Semi-sweet Mead
3rd Best Mark Graham CCAR 26C Open Category Mead


Just Good Beer Brewoff

Bob & Mark Molchan PSB 99A JGBBO 1
Scott Hasty PSB 99A JGBBO 2
Carl Foster PSB 99A JGBBO 3


Sanctioned Competition Flight Results

Brewer Club*   Category                  Place
Light Lager and Pilsner (14 Entries)
Jim Smith BBG 2C Classic American Pilsner 1
Alex Buerckholtz MALT 2A German Pilsner 2
Jeffery Nameth MALT 2B Bohemian Pilsner 3
Alex Buerckholtz MALT 1E Dortmunder Export HM
Russian Imperial Stout (13 Entries)
Mark Garwatoski CARBOY 13F Russian Imperial Stout 1
Scott Hasty PSB 13F Russian Imperial Stout 2
JR Brewing PSB 13F Russian Imperial Stout 3
 American Barleywine (12 Entries)
James Bond MALT 19C American Barleywine 1
Spencer Stubbs CBM 19C American Barleywine 2
David Keller MALT 19C American Barleywine 3
Amber and Dark Lager (12 Entries)
Todd Bowman CBM 4B Munich Dunkel 1
Robert Leach PSB 4C Schwarzbier 2
Joel Masters PSB 3B Oktoberfest 3
Strong British Ale (11 Entries)
Karen Lassiter Tennessee 19B English Barleywine 1
Robert Leach PSB 19B English Barleywine 2
Mark Graham CCAR 19A Old Ale 3
 Imperial IPA (7 Entries)
Carl Foster PSB 14C Imperial IPA 1
Mark Garwatoski CARBOY 14C Imperial IPA 2
Robert Leach PSB 14C Imperial IPA 3
Amber Hybid Beer (10 Entries)
Jim Smith BBG 7B California Common Beer 1
Robert Leach PSB 7B California Common Beer 2
Jeffery Nameth MALT 7B California Common Beer 3

American Pale Ale (27 Entries, 2 flights)

Willis Brewer MCB 10A American Pale 1
Carl Foster PSB 10A American Pale 2
Spencer Stubbs CBM 10A American Pale 3
Jim Smith BBG 10A American Pale HM
IPA (18 Entries, 2 flights)
Bill Lynch CBM 14B American IPA 1
Michael Weiss CHS 14B American IPA 2
JR Brewing PSB 14B American IPA 3
Dry and Sweet Stout (12 Entries)
Philip Folse CBM 13B Sweet Stout 1
Karen Lassiter Tennessee 13B Sweet Stout 2
Dennis Clack Oregon 13A Dry Stout 3
 Oatmeal Stout (10 Entries)
Mark Garwatoski CARBOY 13C Oatmeal Stout 1
Carl Foster PSB 13C Oatmeal Stout 2
JR Brewing PSB 13C Oatmeal Stout 3
Bock (11 Entries)
Mark Garwatoski CARBOY 5C Doppelbock 1
William Reed MALT 5C Doppelbock 2
Todd Bowman CBM 5A Maibock 3
  Saison and Biere de Garde (8 Entries)
Aaron Schenk MALT 16C Saison 1
Wayne Fricke CBM 16C Saison 2
Alex Buerckholtz MALT 16C Saison 3
  Specialty Beer (16 Entries)
Joel Masters PSB 23A Specialty Beer 1
Jim Smith BBG 23A Specialty Beer 2
Mark Graham CCAR 23A Specialty Beer 3
Robert Leach PSB 23A Specialty Beer HM
Best and Strong Bitter (8 Entries)
Robert Leach PSB 8C Extra Special/Strong Bitter (EPA) 1
Bruno Wichnoski CBM 8B Special/Best/Premium Bitter 2
Jim Smith BBG 8C Extra Special/Strong Bitter (EPA) 3
Phil Sullivan Michigan 8C Extra Special/Strong Bitter (EPA) HM
  Traditional Mead (13 Entries)
Kevin Martin CBM 24B Semi-sweet Mead 1
Gary Cathey CBM 24C Sweet Mead 2
Jonney Grunnet PSB 24C Sweet Mead 3
Kevin Martin CBM 24A Dry Mead HM
 Open Category Mead (9 Entries)
Mark Graham CCAR 26C Open Category Mead 1
Pete Goodwin PSB 26C Open Category Mead 2
Kevin Martin CBM 26C Open Category Mead 3
 Melomel and Other Meads (16 Entries)
Kevin Martin CBM 25A Cyser 1
Ken Hilton DEA 26A Metheglin 2
Kevin Martin CBM 25B Pyment 3
 Fruit Beer (9 Entries)
Tina/Chris Cole PSB 20A Fruit Beer 1
Wayne Fricke CBM 20A Fruit Beer 2
Mark Garwatoski CARBOY 20A Fruit Beer 3
 Smoke and Wood Aged Beer (9 Entries)
J. Wilson CARBOY 22C Wood-Aged Beer 1
Bill Lynch CBM 22B Other Smoked Beer 2
Robert Leach PSB 22A Classic Rauchbier 3
Belgian Strong Ale (15 Entries)
Carl Foster PSB 18B Belgian Dubbel 1
Ray McCoy CBM 18E Belgian Dark Strong Ale 2
Aaron Schenk MALT 18D Belgian Golden Strong Ale 3
Sour Ale (14 Entries)
Robert Leach PSB 17D Lambic 1
William Reed MALT 17C Flander Brown Ale/Oud Bruin 2
Mark Garwatoski CARBOY 17F Fruit Lambic 3
Brown Ale (12 Entries)
Joel Masters PSB 11C Northern English Brown 1
Pete Goodwin PSB 11B Southern English Brown 2
Michael Cotehrman DBG 11C Northern English Brown 3
   Robust Porter (13 Entries)
James Bond MALT 12B Robust Porter 1
Greggory Berquist ATF 12B Robust Porter 2
David Keller MALT 12B Robust Porter 3
 Spice, Herb and Vegetable  Beer (17 Entries)
Michael Wyde N. Carolina 21A Spice, Herb, Vegetable Beer 1
Brian Beauchemin CBM 21A Spice, Herb, Vegetable Beer 2
Carl Foster PSB 21A Spice, Herb, Vegetable Beer 3
Brown and Baltic Porter (10 Entries)
Robert Leach PSB 12C Baltic Porter 1
Carl Foster PSB 12A Brown Porter 2
Aaron Schenk MALT 12A Brown Porter 3
 Ordinary Bitter, Irish and Scottish Ale (9 Entries)
JR Brewing PSB 9C Scottish 80/- 1
Katherine Shavo PSB 9D Irish Red Ale 2
Robert Leach PSB 9C Scottish 80/- 3
German Wheat (9 Entries)
Ray McCoy CBM 15C Weizenbock 1
Robert Leach PSB 15A Weizen 2
Paul Way Minnesota 15A Weizen 3
 American Wheat or Rye Beer (10 Entries)
Mac Wylie BBG 6D American Wheat or Rye Beer 1
Jeffery Nameth MALT 6D American Wheat or Rye Beer 2
Mark Garwatoski CARBOY 6D American Wheat or Rye Beer 3
Philip Folse CBM 6D American Wheat or Rye Beer HM
  Light Hybrid Ale (15 Entries)
Mark Garwatoski CARBOY 6C Koelsch 1
Philip Folse CBM 6C Koelsch 2
Philip Folse CBM 6B Blond Ale 3
American Amber Ale (8 Entries)
Jim Smith BBG 10B American Amber 1
JR Brewing PSB 10B American Amber 2
Carl Foster PSB 10B American Amber 3
Foreign Extra and American Stout (10 Entries)
Tony Profera CBM 13E American Stout 1
Robert Leach PSB 13D Foreign Extra Stout 2
JR Brewing PSB 13D Foreign Extra Stout 3
  Belgian Ale (14 Entries)
Aaron Schenk MALT 16E Belgian Specialty 1
Aaron Schenk MALT 16B Belgian Pale Ale 2
Kevin Deaton CBM 16E Belgian Specialty 3
 Cider (6 Entries)
Kevin Martin CBM 27B English Cider 1
Kevin Martin CBM 27A Common Cider 2
Gary Cathey CBM 27A Common Cider 3

*Club Abbreviations

ATF-Alcohol Through Fermentation, BBG-Battleground Brewer's Guild, CARBOY-Cary Apex Raleigh Brewers of Yore, CBM-Carolina Brewmasters, CCAR-Chicken City Ale Raisers, CHS-Covert Hops Society, DBG-Dunedin Brewer's Guild, DEA-Down East Alers, MALT-Mountain Ale and Lager Tasters, MCB-Mystic Crewe of Brew, PSB-Palmetto State Brewers

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